Rachel Rinast

Blouse, Pants
Sweater, Pants


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In recent years, Rachel Rinast has made a name for herself in the Swiss women's soccer scene in no time at all. The 27-year-old moved from the 1st Bundesliga to the national league at FC Basel and moved to SC Freiburg in 2018. Three years ago, the defensive player was still unknown. The experienced World Cup and European Championship participant played for SC Freiburg for 6 months and is now under contract with ASA Tel Aviv.

Rachel Rinast is not only a gifted footballer, but also a talented athlete. As a teenager she was intensively involved in heptathlon. She was particularly good at javelin throwing. In addition to sports, the footballer also has a musical talent. Already as a student she played the violin and sang in the school choir. With her Abitur she won the national competition "Jugend musiziert". Instead of starting vocal levels, she decided to study German and Sports leading to a Master degree.

The all-rounder can imagine dedicating herself to music after her football career.


What makes you laugh?

So many things! I am constantly laughing I think ... but especially Karoline Kebekus! I don’t know any funnier woman.

What are your top 3 must-have wardrobe pieces?
- White sneakers
- Black blazer
- INA KESS tracking pants 

What is your favorite piece from INA KESS!
The track pants!

Summer or winter?

The best thing about your job?
That I can spend a lot of time outside.

What inspires you?
My environment... sometimes I see something and that gives me a cool idea. Or I meet great people who inspire me with their way of life.

New York or Paris?

How do you stay fit?
In addition to my daily football training with flexibily exercises, dancing, and Yoga

What makes you happy?
My family, my friends and just nice people who do you good. Life is beautiful!
P.S. And French fries ... when I feel really bad, French fries help!