Customer Voice: "I wear the LEGEND Silken Light Blouse since I bought it, non-stop. It is really perfect, so cuddly and wearable for everything, whether in the office or in leisure, it just always fits."


After Hours with INA KESS is an exclusive one-hour special service to our friends, who find it difficult to meet us in the store. After Hours with INA KESS enables you a virtual stop-by beyond the regular opening hours.
Two of our team members will welcome you, guide you through the styles, try them on, inspire and challenge you with styling proposals, combinations and outfits, while you relax in the comfort of your sofa, with a drink.
Just make an online appointment and pick your top three items you wish to have a closer look at, let us know if you have any special occasion in mind before we do the rest and surprise you!

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