Andrea Brotschi

Blazer, Blouse, Pants
Sweater, Pants, Coat

INSTAGRAM: andreabrotschi


Before entering the fashion world, Andrea from Solothurn completed a training program in a trust company. By reaching the 3rd place in the Miss Solothurn competition, helped the then 21-year-old to enter the fashion industry and work full-time as a model. Catalogue shootings, advertisements and presentations for Swiss fashion collections followed. Today, the 31-year-old works successfully as a Swiss model and has already worked for well known brands such as Bogner, Akris, Bulgari, Fogal, Missoni, Love Moschino, Marc O' Polo, Brunello Cucinelli and many more.  In her spare time Andrea likes to spend time with family and friends, she loves traveling, biking, snowboarding and volleyball.


What makes you laugh?
Funny stories from friends/family, funny stuff in movies. Generally I love to laugh, preferably until my stomach hurts :)

What are your top 3 must-have wardrobe pieces?
A great leather jacket can be combined almost to everything, as well as a black pair of jeans and a great bag.

What is your favorite piece from INA KESS and why?
Definitely the green training pants (Track Pants) and the White Blouse, but also the Kensington Coat, OMG and theBlazer - actually EVERYTHING!

Summer or winter?
I love both and variety. In summer I love the atmosphere and I'm outdoors a lot in the nature or in the city, I love open air and a cheerful atmosphere. But I also love to enjoy a great fondue in winter, go hiking in the snow or snowboarding and just chill in a cozy chalet.

What is the best thing about your job?
I love my job - the variety, no day is like the other and I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet many great, exciting personalities, work with great brands and always somewhere else.

What inspires you?
People who follow their dreams are passionate and full of energy to achieve what they want. If you really want something - you can do it too :)

New York or Paris?
New York

How do you stay fit?
I often try to eat a healthy diet, walk as often as possible to events, work etc. and now I will also start with yoga.

What makes you happy?
To be healthy, my friends/family, to be allowed to do my dream job and to be surrounded by many great people.