Anina Gepp

T-shirt, Pants

INSTAGRAM: aniahimsa


The 24-year-old vegan, who lives in Lucerne, loves to cook. Anina Gepp wants to show her 62,000 followers on Instagram and her readership on not only pictures of beautifully prepared food, but she also deals with sustainability, health and nutrition issues. With her vegan and gluten-free dishes, Anina Gepp hits the nerve of today's society.

Under the name @aninahimsa, the blogger publishes daily pictures of herself, her travels, tasty food and occasionally also of great products and process inquiries, work on various projects and recipes. Before and during her studies Anina worked as a journalist for a newspaper. She lives out her passion for writing in her blog.


What makes you laugh?
Most of the time it's spontaneous everyday situations that make me laugh. But I can also laugh about myself very well, which I think is also very important.

What are your top 3 must-have wardrobe pieces?
There's nothing like good basics that look good at the same time but are still comfortable and versatile to combine. With a pair of well-fitted jeans, a white shirt, and a great blouse you can never go wrong.

What is your favorite piece from INA KESS and why?
The L├ęger Track Pants. I wear them always and everywhere. For a relaxing walk, on journeys with long flights, at home on Sundays or even in the evening with booties. I won't give them away anymore!

Summer or winter season?

What is the best thing about your job?
That I can do what I love. And probably that I can work from anywhere. I like the flexibility.

What inspires you?
Nature. I get the best ideas when doing sports in the fresh air.

New York or Paris?
New York, especially Williamsburg.

How do you stay fit?
I go running several times a week and do HIIT - High Interval Trainings. Hiking is also great. Anyway, I like to move. I don't drive a car, so I walk a lot and always like to take the stairs.

What makes you happy?
Good food, my environment, and the sun.