About us

INA KESS is an exclusive, fashionable Swiss sportswear brand, founded by sisters Katharina and Isabelle Staub in 2015. 

Fascinated by fashion and design, Katharina began making her own bespoke clothing from an early age, always seeking an elegant and wearable aesthetic. Through her passion for sports and style, she discovered a gap between the two. The market failed to offer high performance garments that did not compromise on style and allowed her to incorporate the clothing into her daily life. After speaking with friends, she realized she was not the only one struggling to find this combination. Katharina began designing athletic pants for herself and friends, and so the foundation of INA KESS was created

INA KESS is inspired by the Swiss lifestyle, capable of meeting the demands of an active life, whilst never compromising on style. The brand is timeless in its fusion of peak performance attributes and quality material. The design vision encompasses the promise of seamless integration of sportswear and style-conciousness, to live up to the standards of the modern busy lifestyle of women.

Each collection begins with the modern women in mind, her needs, demands and conditions. The careful selection of material intends to make the lives of women easier and aesthetically pleasing. The cut is flattering and comfortable, honoring the female silhouette.

When it concerns sportswear, outstanding design is not enough. Quality perfects the potential design holds, therefore the finest fabrics from Italy are chosen. INA KESS partners with the best European manufacturers to ensure the highest level of quality and functionality. We value our long-term, personal relationships with our producers and are closely involved in the process every step of the way, from choosing the fabrics to performing final quality-checks. Not until the final product meets our exceptionally high standards, do we sew on INA KESS' signature gold emblem by hand.



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