About us

Founded by sisters Katharina and Isabelle Staub in 2015, INA KESS is an exclusive Swiss sportswear brand that aims to balance elegance and functionality for the modern-day woman perfectly.

Not only are our garments functionally designed for sports activities: they’re also great for everyday life. Perfectly constructed, INA KESS sportswear is comfortable yet classic, sporty yet elegant, and chic enough for everyday elegance.

At a young age, Katharina’s enthusiasm for fashion and design was set into motion. With her love for all things classically elegant, she envisioned a brand that would take the world by storm with its sleek style that clearly highlighted a passion for sport.

She dreamed of creating a sportswear brand for women that would live up to its promises, about creating sportswear that could work for both worlds. It would have to be the epitome of elegant, stylish and highly functional garments that would be able to keep a woman’s everyday style in mind.

Based on feedback from friends, Katharina perfected the design of classic sports pants. Essentially, this was the prototype that would pave the way to the success of the INA KESS brand.

To this day, nothing has changed. New designs are still manufactured by keeping the needs of the modern-day active woman in mind. INA KESS garments are designed with the goal of making the lives of women across the world so much easier. All INA KESS cuts are refined to absolute perfection in order to accentuate the female silhouette, cleverly combining elegant designs with high functionality.

Being a Swiss brand, INA KESS style is characterised by timeless feminine elegance, invisible functionality and top quality. INA KESS is made with the dynamic, active, spontaneous lifestyle in mind.

INA KESS actively seeks out aesthetically pleasing material innovations, working closely with some of Europe’s top producers in order to continually produce high-quality garments. Every step of production is closely monitored by INA KESS, ensuring that our products always mirror absolute perfection. As a seal of quality, our garments are branded with the INA KESS diamond, sewn in by hand, as proof of our pride in our product.


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