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Comfort and versatility are key to make a busy life as stress-free as possible.

INA KESS designs elegant sportswear for women living an active life. Whether wearing it for workouts, travelling or to do the daily errands, thanks to technical features in the fibres INA KESS helps to keep the heat low and can be seamlessly integrated into the day.

Carefully selected finest performance fabrics from Italy allow for true comfort - style- and functionwise.


The high percentage of lycra-elastic fibres keeps our pioneering 4-way stretch fabric ultra-comfortable and easy moving all day, every day. Enjoy superior wrinkle-resistance and shape retention, even after repeated washing.


Need to stay cool under pressure? The moisture-wicking construction of our fabrics allows air and sweat to circulate, so you’re always chic and comfortable in any weather.


Nothing makes us happier than a mobile upgrade! Our cellphone-ready pieces are tailored and shaped with an integrated pocket, making your cell phone more accessible in all situations—but not to thieves.


Technically innovative mild compression jersey supports your body and stimulates blood flow, helping to reduce lactic acid formation and improving your performance.



Easycare fabrics are non-crease and non-iron with a soft and silky feel. Hand wash, machine wash or dry clean—the choice is yours. Your garments will dry quickly and drape nicely without needing any special treatment.


Assure having your most valuable belongings always with you but no one sees it. You can store a key or a credit card in the invisible pocket, so you never have to leave your most valuable belongings left aside.


We partner with the most prestigious fabric mills to bring you the highest quality fabrics with pure Italian heritage. A superior choice for performance wear, truly elevating the potential of your garment.


This key pocket is just big enough to securely store your key. 


Feel light and free with no limits. Our style essentials are so lightweight you’ll hardly know that you’re wearing them, while retaining the elegance and endurance of a high-performance brand.


Merino wool is like nature's performance fabric. Only the best materials are good enough for our high quality garments. Merino wool creates pockets that trap air, so it’s great at regulating heat and keeping your body warm. It is especially odor-resistant, breathable and wicks moisture away.


Not all clothing is made to last, but we choose quality over lightning-fast production and throw-away fashion. Our sought-after fabrics offer maximum resistance to abrasion, for clothes that will last for years, not weeks.


We work with experienced manufacturers who know the needed treatment of the fabric while being cut. Therefore, seams do not change their position, even after several washes. 


This product has especially been tested for it's coverage feature. We developed it in a way that there is no see-through risk. Feel comfortable, secure and totally free.


Fabric that dries ultra fast, avoiding any unpleasant wet on your skin during high-intensity workouts. PLUS: Making the laundry was never faster. Coming out of the washing machine - this garment will almost be dry already. Save time and make your life easier with INA KESS clothes.


Typically, when you have a baby-soft, easy-stretch fabric, shape retention is compromised. Not on our watch. Our pioneering fabric technology allows for superior recovery so the piece will retain its never-worn shape—even after hours of activity.


Ultra-cozy hand feel - soft, comfortable, smooth. You want to run, travel, sleep, live in it. Promised.


Swiss engineered performance technology with special microfibres offers luxe and technical benefits.


A fabric that is able to offer high protection from UV rays (values up to UPF 50+ are obtainable).


The thickness reduced by 50% compared to similar fabrics and the composition of the fibres minimizes the formation of creases.