We are INA KESS.

INA KESS is a ready-to-wear luxury brand that brings comfort into sophisticated, feminine and timeless designs.

With a new approach to luxury wear, we introduce functional fabrics, tailored perfection and smart details - with quality, authenticity and longevity always in focus. The design is exquisite and soft, yet strong and structured - resulting in balanced and refined pieces.

Designed to be worn in any situation, we offer maximum comfort, and garments that will last a lifetime.

Founded in Switzerland in 2015, INA KESS progresses with each new season.

Made to last. Tailored to move forward.


We care about the environment and want to keep our transport routes short.
Therefore we produce all our clothes in Europe, mainly in Portugal.

Our producers are family-run businesses with whom we share not only good, long-term partnerships, but also the same values and high standards of quality.


We always strive for excellence, whether it is functionality, comfort or quality.
We only use light, breathable, quick-drying and highly elastic fabrics and we find these in Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland. These are tested carefully to make sure they meet our - and your - high standards.


Our approach to a sustainable lifestyle is helping individuals create season-less wardrobes, consisting of superior quality, functional and timeless, long lived luxury pieces.
With our Swiss heritage always in mind, we value tailor-made items from the finest materials that will last a lifetime.


Our products are available in selected boutiques in Europe, Switzerland and the US. And of course in our INA KESS Store in Zurich.

Subtle colours and cozy elements make our Store particularly friendly. We love to combine vintage pieces with a modern, sleek look. 

We are happy to take our time to advise you personally. Just drop by - we are open for you from Monday to Friday from 10:00-19:00 and Saturdays from 13:00-16:00.


We love intelligent designs, functional fabrics - and our store cats Barney and Alfred.

Barney is already an older gentleman and likes to show the younger Alfred how things work here. Both are always curious, smart and warm-hearted, and thus fit perfectly into our team. 

Barney and Alfred, our cats, love to be part of the daily life at INA KESS.