January 25, 2021



How we got there and whom you’ll meet there.

As of 1 of February we will have our very own shop in shop in Globus in Zurich and Geneva with our own interior design, inventory and amazing ladies working for us there. Taking you with us on our journey, this is a how to get into a luxury Department Store Step by Step 😊

1. Find a nice chandelier. After all, this is what INA KESS stands for. Timeless luxury.

2. Do it yourself. Noëlle and Katharina in their rented bus on the way to building our shop in Geneva.

 And in the elevator (hopefully to the top 😊)

3. Enter your new territorium with the right packaging:

4. Color that wall, hang that logo and let the corner shine in gold:

5. But finally, it’s all about the right team:

Your INA KESS in Zurich: Luisa Longo

Originally from hot South of Italy, Luisa has the warmest smile and the most charming accent. She grew up in a family of textile entrepreneurship and loves animals and clothes. That’s why she is a perfect match for INA KESS. Visit her daily in our Shop in Globus in Zurich.

Your INA KESS in Geneva: Badiaa Boudri

Originally from Paris, Badiaa is fluent in French, English, Dutch, and Arabic. She has a big family and a long history in the fashion industry. She is originally from Marocco and goes the very last mile for her customers.


By this chance we would like to thank CEO of Globus, Mr. Franco Savastano who had the trust in offering INA KESS as one of the youngest brands amongst traditional luxury brands the opportunity to be present at his beautiful stores.

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